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Update 8/8/15: For the past few weeks I have been trying very hard to get dovecot 2 to work on my system. Finally this evening I changed the vpopmail setup from maildrop delivery to dovecot delivery in the Qmail 2.0 Guide (You must be registered). The maildrop delivery option has been disabled and the vpopmail skeleton file has been updated to use the Dovecot LMDA (Local Mail Delivery Agent) and now uses dovecot rather than maildrop for the filtering. The guides have been updated to reflect the changes.

UPDATE: 7/23/15: My current project at the moment is setting up a completely secure qmail setup including SMTP-SSL, SMTP-TLS and POP3D-SSL. This will require you to purchase an ssl certificate from somewhere like godaddy or elsewhere. I would strongly recommend creating the key and csr exactly as it says on the following page:

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